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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Corser's Movie Reviews

I saw a preview of this film yesterday and felt privileged to be one of the first puppies to see the film. It was also a pleasure to see a film before reading any other critical review or opinion. I am a great fan of movies about puppies and was concerned that it would not be possible to capture the subtleties and nuances of the original novel but I needn't have had any worries. The director, “some human” has done a superb job and the complexities of the novel are superbly captured with real imagination. The story is set in three main areas, the snow, inside a big house with treats, and the inside of a fascinating cardboard box. The atmosphere in of all three are wonderfully captured by the director, cinematographer, costume design and score and I am sure that there are going to be some Oscar nominations for these. The brown dog gives a tremendous performance of a restrained but passionate dog. I was not as convinced by the lead husky's performance and am not sure that her acting has the mature edge to capture the social nuances of the times that the other dog did so successfully. Do not see this film if you like fast paced films and rapid plot development! This is not a film for the pop video generation. If however you like character development and a plot that unravels at a pace that allows you to be immersed in the atmosphere of the film then I can highly recommend Snow Buddies as one of the best films that I have seen this year.

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