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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hotel For Dogs

Corser would like to share a few choice opinions about his new favorite movie, "Hotel For Dogs":
Some movies leave one speechless, haunted for days. Film can reveal the cruelty humans can inflict on one another, even when the world has ignored that cruelty; it can also celebrate the heroics of ordinary people. Hotel For Dogs does both of those things and more, perhaps one of the most disturbing pieces of film released in recent memory. Disturbing both by its content and, more importantly, by the fact that nobody in the West paid attention to the genocide while it was happening. For most of us, this movie is our first look into what really happened during the massacre.
Co-writer and director Terry George does a superb job of creating immediacy within the film. The viewer is right there along with Paul (Don Cheadle), the assistant manager of an upscale hotel who single-handedly saved the lives not only of his furry friends, but of 1,200 others as well.
Hotel For Dogs should be required viewing for everyone in the West, mandatory in social studies and world history classes. The heroism of an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances—abandoned by even the UN; ignored by the media; left to be murdered—is both a history lesson and a personal one. The hero did what he felt morally obligated to do, regardless of his personal sacrifice and risk. We need more heroes in the world; genocides like are global, not local, issues.
If you don't have an urge to join Amnesty International or volunteer for the Peace Corps after watching Hotel For Dogs, you may need to check on your compassion levels. This movie has been touted as the one that "could change the world," but only if we heed its message: There is no excuse for abandoning puppies in their time of greatest need. News organizations, the UN, Western countries equipped to assist—all have a responsibility not to ignore a massacre, or any dog rights violation, no matter how far away it occurs.

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