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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to the Soft Place

We picked Corser up from Avenues Pet Hospital after work. They are really the nicest folks over there, and they were doting on the little guy. He was very doped up, eyes kinda glazed and not really focusing on anyone or anything. His belly was stitched up, and they have an IV strapped to his leg - we'll have to come back tomorrow to have it removed. We picked up his pain meds & antibiotics, talked at length with the nurse about what to do, and gingerly carried him home.

He first was laid down onto a floor pillow, but he looked so awkward and uncomfortable, not lowering his head down or relaxing his body, and constantly shivering. So we placed him onto his big fluffy couch pillow, swaddled him in a towel (he's going to be slightly incontinent to night), and wrapped him in a blanket. He didn't feel like eating though, and refused any treats we gave him.

Corser slowly started becoming more alert, and he kept struggling to raise his head, watching our every move around the house. We ended up moving him, pillow and all, to sit next to us on the couch, next to his people. After a while, I gave him some homemade chicken soup & rice, which he greedily lapped up (Yay!). With some food in his belly, it was time for his medication.

Unfortunately, Corser is still having some accidents, which the vet told us would be totally normal until the anesthesia wears off. He'll be pretty doped up for the next few days as well, sleeping & healing instead of moving around (which isn't really any different than his usual activity). It's also raining pretty hard outside, which is going to suck because his belly wound needs to be kept dry. That's okay, we've got lots of towels on hand. Hope he's able to make it through the night without incident.

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Bethany said...

Oh, what a baby! I know exactly how he looked after all the dope... My last cat I brought in had that look and although kinda cute, you have to wonder what they are thinking....

I'm glad he's doing well and that he has such good people loving him. It's sad that so many animals and people miss out on such a bond!

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