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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Master of his Domain

Here's a peek at Corser's ridiculously overflowing basket of toys... I mean, er, "victims".
He buries his nose into the basket, poking his snout in and out of the pile, trying to decide which one he wants to play with. Sometimes he's in the mood to kill some Frog. Sometimes he feels like mauling Elephant-Ring, or Squeaky Bone. But right now, his usual subject of destruction is Squirrel (on the bottom-left, next to One-Legged-Mouse). Corser puts a death-grip on its face, and unleashes his wrath, shaking it violently from side to side until its neck is broken and airpipe is crushed, and it stops breathing, and dies a slow & painful death.

These are two victims who have since "retired" due to their irrepairable injuries.
Mr. Whitebear and Charlie Greybear, you have served your master well. You will never be forgotten.

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